Best Coffee Shops in San Diego

Experience the rich flavors of San Diego’s local coffee shops, one cup at a time. At Coronado Beach Resort, we understand the importance of immersing yourself in the local culture, especially in a city full of exceptional coffee shops. Whether you’re seeking the perfect espresso, or a cozy ambiance our guide highlights the best local coffee shops San Diego has to offer.


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Locations Throughout San Diego

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters: Founded in 2001 in a San Diego garage, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters opened their first coffee shop in 2006, which also serves as a roastery. Today, with 9 locations citywide, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters continues to showcase award-winning direct trade, single origin, and custom blend coffees. Their pour-over bar, among the first in San Diego, invites customers to savor the carefully made flavors of our meticulously brewed coffee.

James Coffee Co.: Independently owned & operated from Escondido, CA. With 4 locations, this coffee shop specializes in producing handcrafted artisan roasted coffee beans and baking pastries from scratch.


Coronado Island

Clayton’s Coffee Shop:  Visit Clayton’s Coffee Shop on Orange Ave. in Coronado—the last surviving original horseshoe counter eatery in San Diego County. Step into the nostalgic ambiance of Clayton’s, a time capsule from the 1940s.


North County

Blue Whale Café: Nestled in a stylish beach cottage in La Jolla, this café offers a coastal chic setting. Enjoy a delightful breakfast, lunch, and coffee experience featuring locally sourced ingredients for the freshest and most delicious flavors.

Revolution Roasters: Revolution is a specialty coffee shop in South Oceanside. They roast their coffees weekly and make all of their sauces and syrups from scratch.


East San Diego

Main Street Coffee: Located in the heart of downtown Ramona, this coffee shop offers a selection of specialty coffees, blended drinks, and an array of flavors, including sugar-free options. Enjoy breakfast sandwiches and crepes available all day, accompanied by fresh-baked pastries, gourmet cookies, and delicious homemade whipped cream.


Whether you savor the joy of the morning sip or seek a pick-me-up for your day of exploration, we’ve got you covered. Let San Diego Country Estates be your haven of comfort and relaxation. Come, sip, and savor the flavor of the best coffee shops in San Diego.


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