San Diego Restaurant Week 2024

People eating food for San Diego Restaurant Week


Attention, foodies! We extend a warm invitation from San Diego Country Estates to indulge in a week-long culinary celebration! San Diego Restaurant Week, hosted by the California Restaurant Association, is making a return this spring, spanning from March 3rd-10th. 

Featuring over 100 participating restaurants stretching from Oceanside to Chula Vista, this edible extravaganza offers an array of multi-course meals, starting at $20. While tickets are not necessary, we strongly encourage securing a reservation to ensure a seamless dining experience. 

For 8 delicious days, seize the opportunity to explore the diverse San Diego food scene. Whether you’re revisiting an old time favorite or discovering a new restaurant, you’ll have the chance to visit 30+ neighborhoods, enjoying everything from a laid-back meal to a luxurious 5-star experience. 

Check out the San Diego Restaurant Week website to discover participating restaurants, and start planning your 8 day dining adventure by exploring the various menus. 

San Diego Restaurant Week is not just a dining event, it’s an open invitation to experience the spirit of this beautiful city through food. Join us in savoring the flavors of San Diego! Book your stay at San Diego Country Estates and let the feasting begin!


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